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I am always delighted with each opportunity that allows me to describe the professionalism and qualities that Triant Consulting Services family stands for in the field of Waste Management Consulting. We are a family owned business firmly committed to provide every client we serve with the absolute best service and most expert dedication possible. Our highest goal is to continuously exceed everyone’s expectations in all ways achievable.

As waste management consultants, we will develop a customized solution to reduce your waste disposal costs. As well, we show you and your employees how to establish a company wide program that benefits the environment, takes advantage of recycling opportunities, and gets everyone working together as a team to accomplish these goals.

Right now, there is a good chance that your waste disposal program is not operated as effective as it should. At Triant Consulting, our consultants are trained to carefully analyze your current process and pinpoint exactly where you are either losing money or being overcharged. We will conduct a complete survey to study your company’s equipment and technology, waste disposal contracts, invoices, payment processes and the way your solid waste is handled in preparation for pickup. With this information we will generate a specific plan and propose various recommendations that could include technology upgrades, contract re-negotiations, better control of extra pickup costs, overcharge recoveries, procedural changes, solid waste volume reduction and streamlined accounting procedures.

We believe that total commitment is the final step on getting any well-designed plan to be successful. Once we have created and customized a waste disposal plan that suits your operational needs and budget we will work with you to get everyone in your company involved. This will include team-related activities and in-house campaigns that are intended to expand awareness and keep everyone focused on the company’s short and long-term solid waste goals. At Triant, we can also help you dispose your solid waste in a way that can be friendlier to our ecosystem and perhaps profitable at the same time. This in turn translates into a win-win scenario for both you and your community. Not only will we recommend a plan to manage your waste material in the most environmentally safe way, but we will also work with you to identify tax incentives and income opportunities associated with recyclable material.

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